My name is Josh Dolitsky.

I guess I do not have much to say. I know enough to know that I know nothing.

Perhaps you found me through technology stuff. I like technology, but I also loathe it.

In any case, on this website, I wish to share technology-related guides that I wish had existed when I set out to achieve specific technology-related goals.

You can find me on Twitter / GitHub / Keybase / Slack with the username jdolitsky.

You can also email me at josh @ the root domain of this website (by the way, please tell me if you know how to purchase a .sky domain name).

This website was built using Hugo and the wonderful lines theme. It is hosted on Netlify. It does not use cookies or load any content from other domains.

If you have read this far, we are basically friends. You may now power off your device :)